A Mark on the Pane


Wistful. Thoughtful. Reflective.

The ten tracks on A Mark on the Pane do not fit the pattern established by most Popboomerang artists thus far. To put it simply, it isn’t power pop.

What it is can probably be best described as pastoral folk-pop music – very much in the vein of Nick Drake, Lilac Time or Belle and Sebastian.

Thus, pulse quickening is not on the agenda – the closest instance being the slightly countrified “Broken by the Rise” – with the rest of this set emphasizing mood and atmosphere over rhythm and dynamics.

Wells himself treads lightly on melancholy subjects – regret, disappointment and loss – all explored here with poignant soundtrack to match. Not morose or overtly miserable, mind you, A Mark on the Pane perhaps represents best listening for those rainy days and Mondays. B www.tamaswells.com