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The Malaysian band with the enigmatic name returns to our shores for Baybeats. Amir Shazlan braves our FIVE questions about Baybeats 2014 on behalf of They Will Kill Us All.

Why should fans check out your performance at Baybeats?

We always have fond memories when playing Singapore. All the time, it manages to bring out the best in us. This is the main reason why people should check us out. Then afterwards, they are entitled to form their own opinions.

Why are you excited about playing at Baybeats?

Baybeats have always been a festival that heavily supports the independents. Other festival maybe cooler, but none has the staying power like Baybeats due to its mission. So to us it is an honour to play Baybeats and we pledge to give a kick ass show, like we always do everytime.

Why do you think you were selected to play for Baybeats?

To be honest, we have no idea at all but I’d like to think its all about the music!

If you had to choose just three bands to watch at Baybeats, which bands would they be and why?

Indonesian bands are always killer, so we plan to catch Seringai and Lightcraft. Especially Seringai, cause their brand of rock really brings out the metalheads in us. But The Full Pledge Munkees are really must watch.

When and where are you playing at Baybeats?

We will be playing on Friday 27th at 10.45PM. Hope those catching our show to come up and have a chat with us afterwards!