Tickets now on sale for next year’s much anticipated Hostess Club Weekender in February over here. To set the tone, here is a video of the intriguing duo that is Buke and Gase… … and listen to one of the essential albums of 2013, General Dome! …still there’s more…


Yeah, more power pop/pop underground music you should be listening to if you dig sophisticated melodies with crunchy guitars and clever arrangements. Please take notes… SPLITSVILLE The last time this wonderful band released new material was 2003 – unsure whether the band still exists as the official site has not Continue Reading


The year is ending and it does seem that the best way to celebrate a fine 12 months of live music in Singapore is to enjoy an indie music festival. Camp Symmetry delivers ten bands and is an ambitious event put together by local outfit Symmetry Entertainment Pte Ltd. Think Continue Reading


Capsule reviews of recently released EPs, LPs & DVDs ANNA CALVI One Breath (Domino) There is a melodramatic quality about Calvi’s operatic indie rock that suggests an affinity for Jeff Buckley and PJ Harvey. Epic in musical scope and emotional in lyrical depth, this sophomore effort finds Calvi stretching out Continue Reading