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Credit : Jasper Tan of Vadbibes

M1LDL1FE are definitely here to stay! Based on the raucous EP launch last Saturday where a crowd of millennials packed into a room at an industrial park along Henderson Road, it appears that life is going to be wild rather than mild for this very popular indie pop quartet.

What’s the story behind that band name?

It was a combination of a few things, some of which were practical (Take Two is a name for so many things other than bands) but also, in our individual personal lives as well as within the band, we had experienced quite a few changes. Some of us got married and bought houses, John decided not to carry on with the band, some of us came out of long-term relationships and we have grown up in different ways. So naturally the music changed as well, the sounds in our heads and the things we wanted to say had changed. We had changed but at the same time felt more comfortable in our own skin than ever before, so we needed a name that reflected that.