(Press release)

In collaboration with Gardens by the Bay, supported by TOTE Board, Ding Yi Music Company presents its 3rd outdoor fantasia at the Gardens by the Bay, Supertree Groves viz. Animal Carnival and Insect World.

On 9th November, come by the Gardens to enjoy the Animal Carnival, a concert featuring Ding Yi Music Company’s Chinese wind instruments such as the Suona, Sheng and Dizi as well as Chinese percussion instruments like Drums, Cymbals and Gongs. Ding Yi Music Company will be performing music pieces that re-create the sound of bird, bull, tiger, lion and mouse, incorporated with theatrical acting by its musicians.

On 10th November, Ding Yi Music Company with conductor Mr Quek Ling Kiong presents Insect World, a concert comprising works about insects! Listen to tunes that feature the bees, butterflies, grasshoppers and ants. If you haven’t heard familiar favourites such as Flight of the Bumble Bee played on the Erhu, or grasshoppers represented by the Dizi, then please do not miss this special concert!

Both concerts start at 7pm and end at 7.45pm

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