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beabadoobee Our Extended Play

What’s the point of a fucking rule if it’s not there to be broken, eh? Glad to make an exception for a review of beabadoobee Our Extended Play the new EP from our favourite new singer-songwriter. Anyone who is able to bring guitar pop back with proper big choruses deserves to have her name shouted from the rooftops! And that describes beabadoobee to a T!


beabadoobee : NEW POWER POP ROCK N’ ROLLbeabadoobee : NEW POWER POP ROCK N’ ROLL


beabadoobee is the first artist under this fresh continuing series (hopefully) covering young bands/artists making new music that qualifies as Power Pop Rock N’ Roll. Yes, despite our protestations to the contrary, it does seem that there are young people out there still stubbornly utilising guitars, bass, drums (and keyboards) to write and record music. Not a review so much as a discovery feature that will shine a spotlight on deserving bands/artists who produce the kind of music that Power Pop Rock N’ Roll fans of all ages will enjoy and appreciate.