THE SWIFT The Swift (Flicker)

The Swift’s eponymous debut ushers in a strong powerpop influence in the CCM arena. Like The Elms, The Swift viz. evokes classic pop-rock inspirations from the ‘70s and inevitably comparisons with ‘90s powerpop will be drawn. On both ends of the spectrum, one will no doubt be able to raise names like Elton John, Jellyfish, Billy Joel, Fl Oz, Randy Newman, Ben Folds Five etc

Yes, you’ve guessed it, the keyboards play a prominent part in The Swift’s overall sound and if the virtually note-for-note cover of Keith Green’s “Soften Your Heart” isn’t a big enough clue for you as to whether this fine quartet is coming from…

From the get-go, the vibrant “Till I Met You” declares the motivation – “I was so lonely, so lonely, ‘til I met You, Jesus. You are the only, the only one that loves me the way that You do.” The lovely string-laden ballad “More Than Gold” is a touching paean to the Almighty – “Let me draw near to You, then You draw near to me. I need Your word more than gold.” The unconverted (in every sense) will probably appreciate the Ben Folds meets Keith Green-evoking “Moshing Machine” which takes a humorous look at hardcore punks – “Rainbows and pianos just ain’t your style/But I fear you’ll miss why we’re here once in a while/Not that I think it’s wrong/Maybe cool for a song, but don’t you think that you’ve had enough for tonight?”

A refreshing addition to the pop scene (Christian or otherwise), power pop fans will do well to investigate the Swift. A