Thoughts about how the various superhero TV shows did this week. Spoilers, duh!


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Is this it? The answer to which character was in the grave at the flash-forward at the beginning of this season. Or was there a twist in that scene between Oliver and Laurel as the viewer is denied access to the promise that Laurel was requesting from Oliver.

Who knows? What is clear is that Damian Darhk has recovered his powers and a big showdown is coming soon. Though one might wonder why Darhk didn’t simply kill off the Arrow team when he had the chance?

Seven more episodes to determine how it all turns out and whether indeed Laurel Lance is the person in the grave as tonight’s conclusion strongly suggested.



Marvel/ABC should simply retitle this series as “The Inhumans”, seeing as how the emphasis has shifted from a super-spy organisation to document the rise of the Inhumans in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

With the introduction of Hive/Ward, the series has taken on a much darker tone even as the motives behind the SHIELD v HYDRA  machinations continue to baffle. In fact, it’s become an arms race (with Inhumans as the weapons) between the two.

Typically, like Arrow, there is a foreshadowing of sorts to keep interest alive – hopefully it will all make sense cuz so far it’s been rather ho-hum.

No episodes of Supergirl and The Flash this week. And we are still boycotting the train wreck that is Legends of Tomorrow.

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