Changing things up a little – every Sunday, I will be sharing some of my thoughts about why pop culture is so important to me.

My first awareness of reading about pop culture came through movie and entertainment magazines that my late Dad bought and left lying around the flat.

Naturally, my Dad was also responsible for me getting into pop culture appreciation by bringing me to Planet of the Apes (1968), buying for me a Chipmunks LP (with Beatles songs) and getting me Tom Swift books. Thanks Dad!

These items fired my imagination and taught me that there was more to life than studying, being a good boy and trying to avoid going to hell (I went to Sunday School every week!)

By the time I’d hit my teens, I was finding out about playing in bands and began to discover for myself what pop culture was all about.

Since the 70s, my life has revolved around pop culture and I cannot even imagine my life without it.

I was bored with my work life for the better part of 20 years – the ‘real’ world seemed so mundane, it was all about making money and nothing else. How crass!

So I am thankful that in the last six years I have been able to work in and around pop culture, such as it is in Singapore, where it has been misunderstood for so long.

As a young teen, I would pretend that I was a magazine editor putting together pieces about music, film, novels and comic books – so Power of Pop is the fulfilment of a teenage dream.

Even if only 10 people visited the site, I would continue writing about Pop Culture here cuz it’s a labour of love. No compromises, I will not write about ‘popular’ stuff just to increase traffic – what would be the point of that?

Power of Pop is not a business cuz Pop Culture is Life!

… still there’s more …