Star Trek Discovery Season 2 Finale
The new Iron Man?

Discovery Season 2 Finale is the final episode of the second season of an American scifi space opera television drama series.

Star Trek Discovery Season 2 Finale
Now, that’s a space battle scene!

Discovery Season 2 Finale finished on an absolute high. Wait? There’s a Season 3 in the works? But the ending seemed so FINAL!

Star Trek Discovery Season 2 Finale
New Enterprise series, please!

As expected, all the loose ends are tied up in the Red Angel Saga as Michael Burnham and the Discovery head to the future to keep the sphere data away from the Control A.I.

Star Trek Discovery Season 2 Finale
This is Spock.

But even more than that, this season finale also resolved all the critical issues which diehard Trekkers had with Discovery, the main one being – if Burnham is Spock’s sister, why does he never mention her in all previous movies and TV shows?

Hit it!

The solution is quite clever and should satisfy all Star Trek fans, hardcore or otherwise. AND the anticipation is properly built up for the next season.

Now, if only they will announce a spin-off with the Enterprise with Anson Mount’s excellent Captain Christopher Pike and co!

Discovery Season 2 represents the high point of the new Star Trek TV series for the moment. Highly recommended.

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