Star Trek Discovery S04E11 Review

Star Trek Discovery S04E11 is the eleventh episode of the fourth season of the scifi TV drama series streaming on Paramount+. The series had a mixed reception due to its perceived retconning of Star Trek canon, being set 10 years before the events in the original Star Trek TV series and by introducing Michael Burnham (as the sister of the iconic character, Mr. Spock). In season 3, the series transported the ship and its crew almost a century into the future, thereby (cleverly) avoiding any issue with Star Trek canon once and for all.

Entitled “Rosetta”, Star Trek Discovery S04E11 continues to stretch out the final story arc of this fairly ponderous season 4 narrative. Racing against time as the new DMA threatens to destroy Earth and Ni’Var, Discovery is on a mission to make first contact with the alien species Ten-C and persuade them to call off the DMA. In the meantime, Book and Tarka continue to pursue their plan to destroy the DMA rather than to negotiate with the Ten-C. That’s basically what is happening as we close in on the final two episodes of season 4.

Like the previous episodes in season 4 – and we will probably sound like a broken record here – nothing much really happens in Star Trek Discovery S04E11. The away team on the dead planet beyond the Galactic Barrier – encountered in the last episode – are attacked not physically but emotionally – but through this emotional assault the Discovery pick up an important tool to aid them in their negotiations with the Ten-C. Where you stand on this plot development really depends on whether you need more plot or characterisation in your story.


So the events in Star Trek Discovery S04E11 inch us ever closer to an actual encounter with the Ten-C – will the finale be as much of an anti-climax as season 4 has been thus far? Hm?

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