Star Trek Discovery S04E10 Review

Star Trek Discovery S04E10 is the tenth episode of the fourth season of the scifi TV drama series streaming on Paramount+. The series had a mixed reception due to its perceived retconning of Star Trek canon, being set 10 years before the events in the original Star Trek TV series and by introducing Michael Burnham (as the sister of the iconic character, Mr. Spock). In season 3, the series transported the ship and its crew almost a century into the future, thereby (cleverly) avoiding any issue with Star Trek canon once and for all.

Entitled “The Galactic Barrier”, Star Trek Discovery S04E10 comes across like any other typical episode in this disappointing fourth season. Once more, Discovery encounters a faceless enemy as the elements of the episode title pose the major obstacles to its mission to make first contact with the 10-C alien species responsible for the anomaly. In the midst of the pseudo-scientific gooblygook describing the challenges faced by Discovery, it downright impossible to be engaged with a threat that hardly seems real at all! Watch any episode of The Expanse and you will understand how lame this is in comparison.


Star Trek Discovery S04E10 also gives us another diversion for Book and Tarka in order for the latter to obtain some macguffin material necessary for them to cross the self same barrier that Discovery has traversed. Story-wise, this side trip is meant to give us some insight into Tarka’s motivation which had been previously hinted at before. It’s all pretty unnecessary and a lot of padding up of a lean sub-plot that really goes nowhere. Didn’t the duo previous go to that silly casino planet to obtain something equally difficult to get? Talk about repetitive!

Star Trek Discovery S04E10 continues to build up towards some kind of climax but we are not sure whether it’s worth the time and effort. Sigh.

Now streaming on Paramount+.

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