Star Trek Discovery S04E05 Review

Star Trek Discovery S04E05 is the fifth episode of the fourth season of the scifi TV drama series streaming on Paramount+. The series had a mixed reception due to its perceived retconning of Star Trek canon, being set 10 years before the events in the original Star Trek TV series and by introducing Michael Burnham (as the sister of the iconic character, Mr. Spock). In season 3, the series transported the ship and its crew almost a century into the future, thereby (cleverly) avoiding any issue with Star Trek canon once and for all.

Star Trek Discovery S04E05 Review

Entitled “The Examples”, Star Trek Discovery S04E05 pretty much continues in the theme of Season 4 – stand-alone episodes with the season story arc bubbling beneath the surface. Again, we reiterate that this is probably the best compromise to balance the needs of classic and contemporary Trekkers. Though arguably, this approach would only be entirely satisfactory if greater depth is added to the characterisations.

Star Trek Discovery S04E05 Review

Premise is very very mundane, to be honest. The Discovery is sent to rescue a planetary cluster threatened by the Anomaly while behind the scenes a new personality is added to the mix in the science crew’s attempt to unlock the secrets of the Anomaly. That new ingredient is Ruon Tarka (Shawn Doyle from The Expanse) – one of the Federation’s brightest minds but ‘blessed’ with a prickly demeanour. With Tilly departing the Discovery, Tig Nitaro’s Jett Reno brings a welcome returning character.

Star Trek Discovery S04E05 Review

Sure, there are some ethical issues that Burnham has in face in the evacuation cum rescue mission but nothing earth-shattering to challenge her character growth so overall rather boring to be honest. Similarly, the brains of Stamets and Tarka combine to fashion a supposedly deadly experiment that sadly, was so devoid of tension, that it turned out to be a waste of time.


With Star Trek Discovery S04E05, the series continues to tread water somewhat. Things need to heat up soon…

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