Star Trek Discovery S03E12

Star Trek : Discovery S03E12 is the penultimate instalment of the third season of this scifi space opera streaming TV drama series. Entitled “There is a Tide …” Star Trek : Discovery S03E12 is the middle part of a 3-episode story to wrap up the season. Sadly, the episode also highlights the primary flaw with Season 3.

The main problem is a distinct lack of world building. Ever since Discovery and Michael Burnham travelled 900 years into the future, the onus has been on the creative team to establish the new reality that the season would be based on.

Now, while the setting of the Burn and scarcity of dilithium was an interesting development, providing conflict and difficulties for the diminished Federation and Starfleet, the introduction of the Emerald Chain – without any background whatsoever – has been less successful.

Key also to that dilemma has been the character of Osyraa, the leader of the Emerald Chain, ostensibly presented as the villain of the piece. Her appearance and general demeanour coupled again with zero back story has made Osyraa a totally irrelevant villain. One never feels menaced or threatened by her ever! Michelle Yeoh’s Emperor Georgiou made a far superior villain than Osyraa.

The plot has issues too. After establishing in the previous episode that the origin of the Burn may be found in the Verubin Nebula (which is also problematic in its own way), the story abruptly shifts to a confrontation with Osyraa and the Emerald Chain in Star Trek : Discovery S03E12.

Now, this is where things get worse. Osyraa’s plans and objectives seem totally at odds with how the series has presented the character so far. Is she an evil gang boss or an agent of peace? Is the Emerald Chain a crime syndicate or a collective of planets like the the Federation? Everything gets muddled up in this episode.

This is what happens when no effective world building was attempt with regards to the Emerald Chain. Thus, it appears that unless the season 3 finale can pull a rabbit out of the hat, the season is heading for a lame conclusion. Disappointing.

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