Star Trek : Discovery S03E09

Star Trek : Discovery S03E09 is the opening instalment of a two-parter that is dedicated to an exploration of the deliciously wicked character that is Emperor Philippa Georgiou (Michelle Yeoh). Star Trek : Discovery S03E09 entitled “Terra Firma Part 1” contains a wonderful setup before bringing us somewhere entirely unexpected.

That setup involves a breakdown in Georgiou’s physiological state due to her displacement in both time and dimensional space. To recap, Georgiou is actually the Mirror Universe counterpart of the Starfleet Captain that was killed in the early episodes of the series. This version of Georgiou was introduced in the second half of the first season and the end of that arc, Georgiou was brought into the Prime Universe against her will by Commander Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green).

Basically, this phenomenon is killing Georgiou but the Discovery computer – now enhanced by the alien sphere data (encountered in Season 2) – reveals a possible solution on a distant planet. Burnham accompanies Georgiou on this quest to find the cure for her terminal condition and it is — well, as I intimated above, unexpected.

What happens next is akin to the appearance of the Q in Star Trek : The Next Generation – godlike alien beings that are not bound by the laws of physics and therefore provide an opportunity for stories to go to fantastical places not possible with more tradition plots and characterisations.

Without any explanation, Georgiou is given the chance to relive her past and finds herself back in her own universe, placed at the precise moment before discovering that the Mirror Universe version of Michael Burnham was conspiring to betray her. This device allows the entire cast to play evil doppelgängers of their characters and once more recalling the Mirror Universe arc covered in the first season.

All good fun, I assure you, the thrill is finding out how Star Trek : Discovery S03E09 will all resolve itself in the penultimate episode of season 3!

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