Star Trek : Discovery S03E07

Star Trek : Discovery S03E07 is probably the best episode of the new season thus far. Entitled “Unification III”, Star Trek : Discovery S03E07 fulfils the promise of the series to more than live up to the legacy of Star Trek and does justice to the lore of this beloved franchise.

It’s fair to say that while season 3 has been interesting and entertaining for fans mainly because of the connection built up with the key characters of the series, the stories themselves have been somewhat pedestrian in the best of times. It’s almost as if the series has been waiting for a moment to capture the imagination of fans, old and new.

Certainly, Star Trek : Discovery S03E07 is that defining moment. “Unification III” – the title itself refers to classic Star Trek history, a two-part story involving Spock in Star Trek : The Next Generation – is critical development for Michael Burnham, Discovery, Starfleet and the Federation itself.

The plot itself is simple. Burnham discovers that there is more to “the Burn” than Starfleet knows and a significant step in the right direction will bring her to Vulcan – now called Ni’var – where the Vulcans and Romulans have been living together in relative peace. Of course, there are obstacles set in Burnham’s path before she can achieve her ends but the journey will be worth the struggle.

There are reunions, poignant remembrances and for Burnham an uncomfortable examination of her credibility as a ‘saviour’ who seeks to repair and restore the Federation to its former glories. This brings to fruition the nagging issues Burnham has faced since the fact of her one-year separation from the Discovery. For the Discovery and her displaced crew, it’s another step towards embracing their destiny in the future they fought so hard to save.

It may have taken a little longer than expected but in Star Trek : Discovery S03E07, the series finds yet another pivot to angle itself towards building a future that both old and new Star Trek fans can accept and love.

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