Star Trek : Discovery S03E03

“People of Earth” is the title of Star Trek : Discovery S03E03. In truth, I got quite emotional at several points during this episode as the Discovery crew got a homecoming they did not quite expect. Guess that means that I have been sufficiently invested in the characters to be suitably engaged!

After Michael Burnham and the Discovery crew were reunited at the end of the previous episode, it was logical for Discovery to make its way back to Earth. In an attempt to make sense of the future they find themselves in, Discovery investigates a 12-year-old transmission from a Starfleet Admiral Senna Tal which leads them back to the centre of the Federation – Earth.

Star Trek : Discovery S03E03

Plot-wise, it would be easy to poke holes at how the episode resolved. The storyline may seem simplistic but no cornier than the numerous ‘classic’ Star Trek TV series episodes that Discovery is supposed to be inferior to. The writers needed to reach certain conclusions by the story’s end and the means of doing so might not have been perfect but good enough.

Thematically, “People of Earth” banged home the idea that in a time of crisis, it is more important to unite than to divide. A relevant concept for a year of global pandemic for sure. In addition, the episode demonstrated that the core values of the Federation and Starfleet remain applicable especially during a post-apocalyptic era.

This relevance will provide Discovery with the story thrust to brings us through this season. A quest for the remnants of the Federation in the wake of the Burn is a strong mission to carry together with the discovery of new worlds and new life. At the same time, the time leap in Burnham’s personal timeline also allows the writers to examine how much her character has changed in the meantime.

The introduction of new character Adira (Blu del Barrio) expands on Trek lore while hearkening back to familiar tropes. Suffice to say that Deep Space Nine fans will be thrilled.

Overall, there is a genuine excitement regarding what is to come on Star Trek : Discovery in the weeks ahead. Comments on Star Trek : Discovery S03E03 at our Facebook page.

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