Star Trek : Discovery S03E02

Last time out, we witnessed Commander Michael Burnham coming out of the time travel wormhole on an unknown planet. In the course of that first episode, Burnham gained a new ally and re-connected with what remained of Starfleet and the Federation. Star Trek : Discovery S03E02 is actually part 2 to that first episode (entitled “That Hope Is You”)

[Spoilers follow for Star Trek : Discovery S03E02]

Star Trek : Discovery S03E02

This time around, the narrative focus is on the Discovery as the ship also makes it way through the time travel wormhole – like Burnham – and crash lands on an unknown planet. Discovery ends up in parasitic ice which threaten to destroy the craft. While the crew attempts urgent repairs, Saru and Tilly venture into this new world to get replacement for a comms component, despite Georgiou’s reservations and protestations.

Star Trek : Discovery S03E02

Inevitably things go wrong both on and off ship as the crew tries to make sense of its new environment. However, when the situation looks bleakest, salvation comes from an unlikely albeit welcome source. That ending is such a pleasurable one that I really do not want to spoil its impact and would like you, dear reader, to enjoy it first hand!

One of the biggest complaints about Star Trek : Discovery from disgruntled Trekkers was the serial nature of the series. That it was less about the exploration of new worlds – which was the premise of most other Trek series, except perhaps Deep Space Nine. But definitely, season 3 – with its time jump far into the future – carries the promise of fulfilling that basic Trek premise once more.

Nothing earth-shattering happens in this episode, except to lay groundwork perhaps about Georgiou’s possible power struggles with Saru for control of the ship. There was a hint about Detmar’s condition and whether the Control A.I. had truly been destroyed but not enough to be considered.

I guess it’s all about that wonderful feel-good ending, which sets up the season proper. It would be interesting to see what the season premise actually revolves around in the next episode.

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