“That Hope is You” is the title of Star Trek : Discovery S03E01 (i.e. Season 3 Episode 1, in case you could not figure that out.) After the mixed reactions to the first two seasons, the creative team has decided to effectively reboot the series in Season 3. (Spoilers follow, for the episode reviewed and the series so far)

Season 1 certainly divided the fanbase with the introduction of numerous elements which for many trekkers went against established canon. The producers had indicated that the events of Discovery occured before the first episode of the original series and that was a problem for many fans.

Star Trek : Discovery Season 3 Episode 1

The main character Michael Burnham was stated to be Spock’s sister and Discovery possessed a spore drive technology, which allowed for instant teleportation across light years.

Two points that rubbed the Trekkers the wrong way – Burnham had never ever been mentioned before in any prior Star Trek series and the spore drive was vastly superior to any technology previously depicted. Oh and the Klingons looked different too!

These lingering complaints were resolved by the end of Season 2. Not only that but the series further re-introduced Captain Christopher Pike, Number One and even Spock into this continuity! The manner in which this is achieved was rather clever and provided a brilliant set up for Season 3.

So here we are. Burnham and Discovery traveled into the far-flung future, separately. Further into the future than any Star Trek movie or TV series has ever ventured. This story construct allows Discovery to start fresh, without the burdens of continuity it was previously weighed down by.

In this first episode, Burnham is on her own but picks up a new ally Cleveland “Book” Booker (David Ajala), a highly resourceful creature whisperer. Burnham also discovers (sorry) that the Federation is virtually no more due to a catastrophic event known as the Burn. However, by episode’s end she has connected with the remnants of the Federation and purposed with a new quest – to re-constitute the Federation once more. But first she needs to find the Discovery and her crew!

Star Trek : Discovery S03E01 is a promising start to an exciting new season.

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