Last but not least by any means, Joie Tan will close StageFright XVI @ Artistry on 21st January 2015.

I spoke to Joie late last year mainly about her experience building a fan base on YouTube.

How did you get started on YouTube? How old were you?
I started on YouTube after watching Alyssa Bernal’s covers. She was a big inspiration for me and I felt like I could really relate to her and grew to become a huge fan. Thereafter, I felt inspired to start my own channel and finally did it in 2008. I was 13.

What was the initial response? What made you continue?
It was initially pretty dead on my videos, the only views I had were mine and it was of course, pretty discouraging but I kind of saw it coming because I was hardly sharing my videos. There was this girl called Carolina Lage who was always commenting and she was so encouraging and even said she was my biggest fan- that really encouraged me to keep going and just having her support was so amazing for me.

In your opinion, how important is YouTube for aspiring musicians?
I think it’s so vital and so useful to not only share your passion with others, but also a great platform to get your work out there. A lot of times, clients ask for videos of you to kind of hear what you sound like, and my YouTube channel is always something that I like to give them, so kind of let them see what I’m like as a person as well as the type of music that represents me. Most importantly, YouTube is such a great platform for you to meet people like yourself, in and out of Singapore and it’s a really great community where you can share your passion and sometimes even collaborate.

Can you share some benefits from having a YouTube community amongst musicians in Singapore?
Like I mentioned above, collaborations are so important and they honestly mean a lot to me because it helps me connect with another person with the same passion in such a unique way, not just talking about what we love but actually doing it together and exchanging stories and it’s amazing what you can learn from one another.

How does playing covers on YouTube helped you to be a better songwriter?
I think it’s mostly the way I approach the songs that I like that help me to kind of understand myself as a musician.
When I want to cover a song, I like to throw in my take on it and I like to get really personal with it and I guess as I did my covers, I was discovering myself and I got to understand how I like to present my music and the way certain grooves and styles make me feel.

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