Social Media No More!

Social media is an integral marketing tool for blogs such as ours. Or at least that’s the conventional way of approaching the issue. But the fact is, most of the platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter suppress any opportunity for our posts being viewed by our followers unless we pay them money to advertise said post.

Of course, this is part and parcel of their business model. We can understand the thinking behind this – why give away marketing for free? Thus, the algorithms are skewered to incentivise us to advertise with the platform. How else does Facebook make money anyways – it’s free to join. Advertisement revenue from their pages are the main source of income.

Thus, despite dutifully sharing our blog posts on Facebook and Instagram – we gave up on Twitter years ago – traffic flowing from social media channels only account for under 8% (see above) of our overall traffic! The overwhelming majority of our traffic comes via organic search or search engine optimisation (SEO). Which is a good thing presumably but the implication is that perhaps it is time to abandon social media completely as far as Power of Pop is concerned.

But is that even possible? At the back of our minds, there is nagging feeling that we just have to continue to work our Facebook/Instagram accounts but of late that feelings seems to be more like Stockholm Syndrome! Perhaps it is time to pull the band aid right off – yes yes mixed metaphors but you know what we mean. Which simply means that posts that we used to share on Facebook/Instagram will have to be posted on the website, complete with SEO. A challenge for sure but let us at least try for the first quarter of 2022 and let’s see how far that goes.

Thus… SOCIAL MEDIA NO MORE indeed and we hope you will continue to stay with us for the ride! Thanks for your support!!

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