Was fortunate to spend a fair bit of last night soaking in local artworks that were inspired by pop & rock music at the Singled Out exhibition at tcc – The Connoisseur Concerto ‘The Gallery’ at 51 Circular Road. Basically, the artists used vinyl records as a starting point, mixed that with other media to create something new. The artworks will be up for auction where all proceeds will be managed by Thunder Rock School, though a music education outreach program specifically catered to financially disadvantaged children. The exhibition will be open till 6th Jan 2015.

I was impressed by the concepts and execution, by and large. Also, I was hooked by how well the ideas connected with the inspiration. In addition, I was intrigued that many of the artists were also musicians in their own right and that spiced things up for me. Check out my top 10 favorites below.

Disintegration by Andy Yang.

Mary-Christ by Ginette Chittick

And Your Bird Can Sing by Yee Chang Kang

A Piece of Red Cloth by Michelle Yu

A False Memory/Be Everything by Speak Cryptic

I Am The Walrus by Mindflyer

Only Love Can Break Your Heart by Alan Bok

Song From the Dead by Say Keong

Space Oddity by Bravo

Loop Service by Kristen Melson + Ray Tan

So, visit the exhibition, make your bids and support a worthy cause!














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