We have admired singer-songwriter Jean Tan for sometime now. Mainly for her confident yet sincere approach to jazz-folk pop.

On her new single “Crowns”, Tan – together with arranger Kevin Foo – have attempted to ‘modernise’ this approach somewhat with successful results.

While there are EDM elements employed in this straightforward folk song – the thumping big synth bass drum in particular – it is all quite tastefully done, in service to the song and its message. In addition, the longing brass solo in the outro is quite the highlight as well.

There is also a powerful faith-based theme running through the lyrics, which might not resonate with listeners unfamiliar with the phrase – “we throw our crowns down”. That said, it’s difficult not to relate to the well-meaning bridge.

“It’s hard to let go, hard to release
Feel like you might have lost your worth
But it’s traded for peace
All that glitters isn’t gold, you should know
There’s nothing to prove
So be what you choose”


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Look out for the “Crowns” MV coming out in March and the imminent release of the Blooms EP.

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