Nothing against millennial urban electro-jazz-pop but sometimes all you really want is real music with real instruments that touch your heart and soul. For real.

Amberhill‘s debut single “Forests” opens with a spine-tingling slide guitar and a shimmering organ that provide a wondrous atmospheric dreamy setting for Joshua Lau’s plaintive vocal delivery.

There is a strong sense of purpose behind the genesis of Amberhill’s upcoming debut EP, Songs from Summer, due in May 2017.

In Lau’s own words –

“Back in May 2016, I challenged myself to write, record, produce and launch a 5 track EP in 250 days to make the most of my time in army. I wanted to show that near studio quality music could be produced from the bedroom with the proper recording and mixing techniques.”

With the help of friends, Lau eventually achieved his goal. The current collective has six members; Micah Tan, Debbie Lim, Joel Choo, Lim Yi Zheng, Koh Qing and Lau himself, of course.


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