Singer-songwriter Maricelle will be releasing her first EP – Pursuit – on 7th January 2017. As a teaser, the lead single “Lovedrunk” has dropped today (4th November) to coincide with the launch of the EP pre-order at iTunes. A music video will follow on 11th November.

We caught up with Maricelle via email to get the quick lowdown on “Lovedrunk”.

What is “Lovedrunk” about?

“Lovedrunk” is my honest and raw expose on love. Being “Lovedrunk” to me, means being so passionate and devoted to something or someone, that you experience it intensely in it’s purest form. Being in love and being heart broken are both parts of being in love. The ecstatic highs of the first half of the song polarises the depression of the negative outcomes of that relationship.

What was its inspiration? 

These interactions are similar to personal experiences that I’ve had, and I just wanted to share about something I feel strongly about. The song started out as my experience giving up everything to pursue music full-time, dropping a job I liked a lot, leaving people too. I knew it wouldn’t be an easy path ahead, but struggling for it has been so worth it.

How would you describe your music and who are your influences?

Pop, contemporary R&B and UK Pop-Rock Electronica, influenced by Ellie Goulding, Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, Halsey, Tove Lo and Coldplay.

Why should anyone listen to or buy your music?

I think overall, I’d like to emphasise how the songs I write are representative, I feel, of my generation of the millennials. So I hope that when they hear “Lovedrunk”, maybe someone might’ve had a similar experience, or is experiencing it right now, and shares the same sentiments. To share my thoughts over the airwaves and let a stranger hear an idea out of my head, sung with my own voice (literally) I hope that creates a connection to that person over the airwaves, and connects us.

Pre-order Pursuit from iTunes.

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