CC baybeats
Cashew Chemists

As much as I spent most of my time at Baybeats 2016 hosting the Open Stage, I was fortunate to catch three performances that reminded me why I love Singapore Rock as much as I do.

I have been accused of being biased as far as Singapore rock bands are concerned but the fact of the matter is that I fall in love with a band’s music first before I become friends with them! So it’s always been about the music. Yes I am biased – about good music, as I see it, of course.

Lost Weekend
Lost Weekend

Thus, in the performances of The E’s (featuring Saiful Idris of The Great Spy Experiment), Cashew Chemists and Lost Weekend, I felt proud that Singaporeans are capable of such amazing music but I also felt at home, that this was what it meant to be a fan of Singapore Rock.

Es Baybeats
The E’s

Thank you once more, Baybeats Festival, for making this unique experience possible.

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