Silo Season 1

Silo Season 1 is the first season of an American science fiction dystopian drama television series created by Graham Yost based on the Wool series of novels by author Hugh Howey. Set in a dystopian future where a community exists in a giant underground silo comprising 144 levels, it stars Rebecca Ferguson as an engineer who becomes embroiled in the mysteries of the silo. Rashida Jones, David Oyelowo, Common, Tim Robbins, Harriet Walter, Avi Nash, Rick Gomez, and Chinaza Uche also star. (Wikipedia)


Silo Season 1 is an acquired taste. The series is certainly for fans of dystopian scifi – though that is an overused genre by now – or for admirers of high quality production values (i.e. expensive). Presented by AppleTV+, one can expect budgets to be generous, including very familiar cast members, viz. Rebecca Ferguson (Dune, Dr. Sleep etc), Common and Tim Robbins.

However, despite all these positive factors, there are serious problems with this series that reflect the current malaise infecting American TV productions. It’s the dreaded social justice “woke” agenda which is specifically applied to the main character, Juliette Nichols (played by Ferguson). Plainly put, Nichols is a Mary Sue. She is perfect in every single way. She solves every problem conveniently, and is impossible for the silo’s enforcement authorities to capture till the very end. We had zero engagement with this super-heroine.

Which is a pity because the first two episodes of Silo Season 1 were enthralling as the world-building was excellent and the two lead characters (then) viz. Alison and Holsten Becker were intriguingly set-up. But guess what, by the end of episode two, the Beckers are dead and in steps the Mary Sue character and the engagement level drops to zero!

In addition, Silo Season 1 is a JJ-styled mystery box as we are presented with the fact of the silo but precious little other information about its history. All we know is that the world outside the silo is toxic and that rebellion against the rigid social system in place within, results in rebels being sent out into the toxic environment to die – “to clean” being the euphemism used.

Early on, we do know one thing – the world outside presented to the silo’s populace is fake and the silo’s authority figures are lying about this. That’s the only revelation till the season finale. And all the finale reveals is this – the silo we have become acquainted with this season is not the only one! Oh great! Even more mystery boxes! Overall, Silo Season 1 is a very over-rated average scifi TV series. If you can ignore the annoying character that Nichols is, then perhaps a measure of enjoyment is possible. If not, avoid at all costs.

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