How Power of Pop founder, singer-songwriter Kevin Mathews re-discovered the joy of making music for himself.

“When pop music found me in my teens, I was besotted. I would dream up band names, album and song titles and album covers. My school text books unfortunately would be full of these musings. Perhaps that accounts of the sheer number of musical personas I have had during my recording career.

Forty years later, I decided to go fully into producing electronic music – the kind that blew my mind in the early 80s – synth-pop, pioneered by the likes of Kraftwerk, OMD, New Order and Depeche Mode.

Thus, it had little in common with the popular electronic ‘genres’ that the kids were into, again for me the music was retro in nature but utilising the tools of the modern era. And it was something I could accomplish on my own, without having to rely on a professional studio, engineer or producer.

After the ‘experiment’ of the 5-track EP, Ret-El 1.0 (short for Retro-Electronica, my own attempt at genre-making) in December 2016, I have now come up with a 6-track mini-album with 2.0, released as always on KAMCO Music.

The music itself is a combination of my musical influences – baroque, minimalist synth-pop – that has stretched my ability to convey an emotional message through music alone, without lyrics. I think I am still learning but proud of what has been achieved so far.” – Kevin Mathews.

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