Seven Days

Seven Days (Chinese: 七天) is a 2023 Singaporean supernatural drama film written and directed by Grace Wu in her directorial debut. The film revolves around a female ghost who incidentally took a chance to possess her younger brother’s body for seven days to resolve unsettled matters with her family. The film opens in Singapore cinemas from May 12th, 2023.

The movie begins somewhat bewilderingly, with several characters being thrown into our path. There is Aishi (Yuan Ong), a female ghost, who died as a teen and possesses the body of her brother Aixiang (Ayden Sng), at the behest of fellow ghost Lao Gui (Henry Thia). Then there is Ailing (Ya Hui), Aishi’s elder sister, who is deeply troubled with her life. Finally, there is a young mother (Regina Lim) who is Lao Gui’s distressed daughter, and the reason for Aishi’s ghostly possession of her brother. Huh?

Yes indeed, Seven Days may appear to begin rather tentatively but once the characters and setups settle down, the viewer will discover and learn that the movie is a relatable family drama with well-written characters you want to root for and an engaging story that keeps you immersed in the various narratives until the very end. Considering this is Wu’s debut – both as a writer and director – the achievement is remarkable! At first, Aishi’s possession of Aixiang may seem like a gimmick for cheap laughs but instead it is an opportunity for Ayden Sng to channel the spirit of the female ghost with empathy and skill.

The concerns of the characters are relatively down-to-earth but most of all deal with one significant trauma – the death of Aishi and the impact that it had on the rest of the family. The loss of a loved one can never be under-estimated and it is something we all share as human beings. Seven Days wraps up perfectly to deliver a feel-good denouement that will leave you in tears – both happy and sad. No mean feat. Highly recommended!

Now showing at Golden Village Singapore

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