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The Patient

The Patient is an American 10-part psychological crime drama miniseries by FX, now streaming on Disney+. The miniseries stars Steve Carrell and Domhnall Gleeson as the two key characters in the storyline. In our story analysis of The Patient Eps 1-2, we had concluded that the series was “not much to recommend with – the only direction is up. Wait and see.” Well, now that the miniseries is over, we have decided to re-examine our initial opinions.




With Deap Vally

Power of Pop

Let me introduce myself…no, I’m not a man of wealth (yet…) and as for taste, well there is ample opportunity on this site to judge for yourself.

I am Singaporean, of English-Portuguese-Chinese descent. I split my time between music, writing & part-time teaching at the Republic Poly & Temasek Poly

Not only that, what I am, is a POP fan. When I say – ‘POP’ – I don’t mean the flaccid image-obsessed talentless hacks that dominate the radio waves and TV screens of today. I am talking about pop with POWER!

My dictionary defines “power” in terms of “physical, mental and moral strength”. In musical parlance I would add spiritual and emotional qualities to that interpretation or simply “heart & soul”. At the glance, this would include God Only Knows, I Second That Emotion, Substitute, Strawberry Fields Forever, Rebel Rebel, Love of the Common Man, Going Underground, The Mayor of Simpleton, Man Out of Time and so on and so on.

Therefore, I am talking about merit and value judgements. That’s what makes it difficult but this is necessary in order to do justice to some of the great pop music ever produced. If music is indeed able to make you feel and think, then it must be important enough to warrant greater consideration and thought than trivial labels. Sorting the wheat from the chaff is not an easy task but that is what the Power of Pop is all about and anything less would just not do.


I have been seriously writing about pop for over two decades years now. You can find some of my published opinions in the pages of Amplifier & Pop Culture Press in USA and Bucketfull of Brains in the UK.

But… Power of Pop is more than just music, you will also find my thoughts and views on film, TV, comics and books as well. So there’s something for everyone here at Power of Pop!

So, thanks so much for visiting Power of Pop, hope you have fun and pick up on some great pop. I always appreciate feedback and you can contact me here. Find out more about our review policy.

And… I’m also a singer-songwriter and you can listen find out more here. In addition, I write music for film and TV, most notably I scored Eric Khoo‘s 12 StoreysBe With Me, My Magic and Ramen Teh (see below).

I am always looking for freelance assignments, whether in writing, editing, music or even artist management, if you interested to engage my services, drop me an email here.


Kevin Mathews

… still there’s more …

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