According to Hype Records’ owner (and former Singapore Idol judge) Ken Lim, the local music industry is on the “verge of extinction” and that he is the man who will save the industry. We wish him all the best! As far as the S-ROCK scene is concerned, more evidence of its good health can be seen in the following upcoming events: –

Another Sunday Afternoon: The Bookmark EP launch

The latest EP – which has been available for a couple of weeks now – will be officially launched this Friday, February 8th at Home Club. Victoria Street will be providing support. Entry is $12 with one standard drink (including entry to Kicks! later). The Bookmark has been well-received thus far with TODAY stating that “it’s satisfying to witness the continued artistic development of our local bands that despite all odds, manage to produce music that can only be described as ‘world-class’. Add The Bookmark to this burgeoning list”. The fun begins at 8pm.

Obedient Wives Club: Murder Kill Baby EP launch

The self-styled ‘Spectorgaze’ quintet has been making waves since the release of its debut DIY EP. Kudos to the band for convincing Scottish indie label Soft Power to distribute its sophomore effort – Murder Kill Baby – on cassette (limited editions are already sold out). In any case, the MKB launch is on February 15th with Rocketswan in support. The music bloggers are digging MKB – “The essential elements of construction in this fine record are Spectorish wall of sound, jangle and distortion on the dual guitar attack, female vocals, and enduring melodies. Quite simply, this is great stuff.” (When You Motor Away). Show starts at 8pm and entry is $12 with one standard drink (including entry to Kicks! later). Not to be missed!

For This Cycle: Back To Basics EP

Also of note, Back to Basics, the new EP from For This Cycle (aka Weiwen Seah) is also currently available and can be downloaded for FREE at http://www.noisetrade.com/forthiscycle! TODAY described Back to Basics as “an EP that confirms For This Cycle’s elegiac gift and it is anything but ‘basic’”.

Strait Groove: Time Train LP

Strait Groove is back with its sophomore album and it is possessed of an accomplished slick and sophisticated jazz-blues-rock vibe that is down-to earth and breezy at the same time. Now available at Bandcamp. Check it out!

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