Phil Collins

At a time where there are millions of causes to get behind, some pretentious music-hating moron starts a petition to ‘stop’ Phil Collins from coming out of retirement. Over 2,000 people have signed the petition and of course, the music press gleefully reports about this juicy bit of ‘news’.

But that’s just it – throughout his career, Collins has never got the respect he deserved. As a drummer, he was one of the best in the world in his prime and while his solo discography started strongly and faded out creatively, his work with Genesis, post-Gabriel should have already established him as a rock legend. But somehow he’s a lazy, easy target whilst the kids of today drool over sub-par ‘talents’ like Ed Sheeran or Adele. Here’s five examples of why Phil Collins deserves your respect.

Genesis – Trick of the Tail (1976)

Proof that there was life for Genesis after the departure of lead singer Peter Gabriel.

Peter Gabriel – Intruder (1980)

The first use of ‘gated drums’ which would define the 80s drum sound was performed by Collins, on this seminal track.

Phil Collins – In the Air Tonight (1981)

Somewhat maligned and parodied now, Collin’s debut single was a big hit despite the odds. A very under-stated which does not quite come to life till the end, it’s a triumph of dynamics over form.

Phil Collins – Against All Odds (1984)

A magnificent ballad which I will put up against anything that has been done by Adele. Those Philistines who make fun of this should really try to write a song that has even 5% of its power and emotional resonance and never mind about the vocal performance.

Genesis – Duke (1980)

This is the one reason why I would love an opportunity to finally see Genesis live. One of the best rock albums ever made. For his achievements with Mike Rutherford and Tony Banks, Collins deserves to lauded, not maligned.


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