Photo credit: Barry Feinstein
Photo credit: Barry Feinstein

The Quiet Beatle, the Mystical Beatle, the one who stood on stage between John Lennon and Paul McCartney. It must have been difficult for George Harrison to play third fiddle to pop’s finest songwriting team but he bided his time for his debut proper solo (triple) LP (technically his third but the two instrumental LPs before this do not count), All Things Must Pass. Quite possibly, the best amongst the numerous solo Beatle LPs that flooded the market in the early 70s, All Things Must Pass provided that Harrison was a songwriter who’s work was on par with his illustrious former partners.

As the first two sides demonstrated, Harrison had a great deal of pent up creative energy that was unleashed in magnificent material like “My Sweet Lord” (notwithstanding the subsequent copyright action), “Wah-Wah”, “What Is Life”, “Behind That Locked Door” that revealed the breadth of Harrison’s ability, shorn of the Beatles.

Not that the rest of the album is lacking in wonder as “Beware of Darkness”, “Awaiting On You All” and the title track prove. If nothing else, All Things Must Pass announced the end of the 60s but celebrated the beginning of the 70s and ushered in perhaps the best rock decade ever.

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