Tony Banks

If you’re a fan of classic prog rock and Genesis, then arguably, it is worth noting the role of keyboards maestro Tony Banks in shaping the sound of both. However, if one talks about Genesis, the focus is usually on Peter Gabriel or Phil Collins and maybe at a pinch, Mike Rutherford. I have been obsessed with Banks compositions on Genesis albums for a long time, and this is an opportunity to share this passion with the world!

Heathaze (Duke 1980)

Undertow (… And Then There Were Three 1978)

Me & Sarah Jane (Abacab 1981)

Mad Man Moon (A Trick of the Tail 1975)

Cul-de-Sac (Duke 1980)

A Trick of the Tail (A Trick of the Tail 1975)

One for the Vine (Wind and Wuthering 1976)

Many Too Many (… And Then There Were Three 1978)

Banks was also legendary for his dynamic keyboard solos.

Banks has also compiled his lesser known solo material into a 4-CD box set – A Chord Too Far. Available now!

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