Anoosh and Arash are young men who make up the DJ-producer duo called Blade & Beard. Nothing special about that fact until you realise that Anoosh and Arash are from Teheran, Iran.

Which makes Raving Iran (directed by Suzanne Regina Meures) compelling viewing. The documentary gives us a firsthard experience of the Islamic Republic’s attitude towards what it considers ‘anti-Muslim’ culture through the lives of Anoosh and Arash.

It’s a movie we hope every musician gets to watch because it is so easy to take for granted the freedom we have to create art and practice our craft. But when repression is a daily reality, the stress piles up and it is not difficult to imagine how compromise and even surrender takes hold.

Which is why Raving Iran is so meaningful. The parallel narratives of the duo’s attempt to escape the draconian environment and the less visible tale of how the film-makers managed to make the documentary in the first place, is such a riveting spectacle in itself.

Don’t miss Raving Iran tomorrow at the Projector at 8pm! More info here. Our Kevin Mathews will be moderating a Q&A session with director Suzanne Regina Meures after the screening.

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