Never watched any of the previous instalments of this lucrative franchise but not knowing anything about what happened in six previous chapters was an advantage. Yes, I know there was some back story as to why Jason Statham’s character (Deckard Shaw) had a bone to pick with Vin Diesel and his crew but it really did not matter.

Throw in some nonsense about Shaw being a villain hunted by a covert ops team led by Frank Petty (Kurt Russell) and the story becomes an epic international spy thriller in the vein of Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible adaptations and Michael Bay’s Transformers movies.

Which is the main problem with Furious 7. How do these people who primary skills are associated with driving cars suddenly become super-heroes? The scale of the action sequences are too overblown and illogical, sacrificing any attempt at a coherent storyline for the sake of big explosions and implausible resolutions.

What saves the movie from being a complete disaster at the end, is the heartfelt tribute to the late Paul Walker, who died during the making of the movie. Watching the closing montage, one is reminded that this particular franchise has run for almost 15 years, and should be on its last legs even though based on its box office success, an eighth movie is inevitable.

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