Seriously folks, the real movie season begins for film buffs on the 23rd when Avengers: Age of Ultron opens!

And just like the first quarter of the year, it’s slim pickings. But here are a couple of movies to consider this month.

Based on brand recognition alone, the 7th movie in the Fast and Furious franchise – viz. Furious 7 (opening on the 2nd) – is bound to be a big hit.

Fans of the Taken franchise should check out Sean Penn doing his best Liam Neeson impression in Gunman (opening on the 9th).

Robot Overlords (opening on the 16th) is a B-grade scifi from UK with Gillian Anderson and Ben Kingsley drafted in to provide credibility. Should be good for a laugh or two!

A provocative scifi thriller that opens the same day as Avengers 2 (I know right?) might actually be promising. Self/Less stars Ryan Reynolds and Ben Kingsley (again!)

Unfriended? Haha yes of course, a horror movie inspired by social media! For teens only opening on the 30th)


… still there’s more … 

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