An exciting new artist that we are truly excited about is Gold Coast alt-rock singer-songwriter San Mei, who has recently released her new EP, Necessary.

Naturally, we wanted to find out more and San Mei obliged with an email interview. Read on…

How did you get started with music?
I learnt piano from a young age and grew up on musicals and many different types of music , but it wasn’t until after high school that I really took an interest in singing and writing songs.

What prompted you to decide to take music more seriously?
Nothing too monumental – but probably after I wrote my first song, which at the time I thought was an amazing piece of art (it was actually a pretty embarrassing power ballad-type thing).

I was a bit of late bloomer so it was sometime just after finishing high school. I think I was surprised that I achieved that and it made me feel really fulfilled and excited, so I decided to keep working hard at writing better songs.

Then a little while later when I uploaded a song called “Watch the Breezes” to Triple J Unearthed and got some nice feedback and Unearthed rotation, I felt really encouraged and thought people might actually enjoy what I create!

What has been the biggest challenge in pursuing music so far?
To really finding out my own sound/voice/direction and trying to stay true to that. It can be tempting to try and start going down a road that seems popular, but isn’t necessarily natural.

What do you think has been your greatest success in music thus far?
Releasing my EP Necessary has been an nice accomplishment to me. It feels good to have a little body of work out there that I’m proud of and I think really represents me and where I’m headed as an artist.

Your first EP – Wars – is more electronic in approach than Necessary – why the change in direction?
It wasn’t a hugely deliberate change in direction – I wanted to focus on writing music that felt really natural to me, rather than trying to write stuff I felt was popular or ‘cool’ at the time, and I guess the more raw-sounding stuff is what came out!

What are the songs on Necessary about?
Nostalgia, love and loss

What is your songwriting process like? Lyrics or melody first?
For me it’s always the melody before the lyrics. I think music and melody can speak so much before you even write the words, and for me the lyrics flow much better once I’ve laid down the other parts of the song.

South East Asia is a touring opportunity for Australian artists – would you be keen?
I would be so keen! Hopefully I’ll be in a position to tour there one day soon. Part of my heritage is from somewhere there so that would be special to me.

What is in your immediate future?
Lunch – today’s mission is to find the perfect miso soup. But apart from food, I’m keen to jump back in the studio as soon as I can and start putting out new songs which I’m excited to share with people!



Thanks to Vivienne Mellish and Mucho Bravado for making this interview possible.

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