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Ahead of Squeeze’s anticipated first gig in Singapore on May 4th, at the University Cultural Centre, here’s a short e-mail interview with founding member and frontman Glenn Tilbrook.

You performed in Singapore as a solo act a few years ago, what were your impressions of Singapore back then?

Extremely good, a fantastic place and my first impressions are all positive. I had a very boisterous crowd!

Something the fans will really want to know – why no (founding member) Chris Difford for this show?

Chris has a fear of flying and we are doing a lot of that in a very short space of time. He can just about cope with a flight to and from the States, which are at least four weeks apart. We are getting 10 flights in 15 days.

Squeeze has released 2 albums in the last three years, how important is new music to the viability of the band?

It’s very important to keep the band going with forward momentum.

In terms of putting together a setlist, how do you balance the old and the new?

It’s a good mix of what we enjoy to play as a band and which songs the fans know as well. For example, the track ‘Cradle To The Grave’ is one of the newer songs but the fans always sing along to that one.

You continue to be in great voice – how do you maintain the quality of your singing after all this time?

I try to look after myself by resting where possible. I’ve never been one to do vocal warm-ups but I’ve heard my son Leon doing them so have also been giving that a go. Carly also makes up a secret potion for me to consume before and during the show.

If push came to shove, which are your five favourite Squeeze songs and why?

Are you familiar with the movie ‘Sophie’s Choice’? (Usually, this is an artist’s least favourite question but I keep trying!)

What can the fans except from the upcoming concert in Singapore?

A great band. A terrific set list. And barrels of fun.

Will there be a post-gig signing sessions? Will fans get a chance to meet you and the band?

Unfortunately not. We are doing so much travelling, that we need to rest as much as possible. We will give everything on stage.

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