When I think of what rock music means to me, the word “GLORY” comes to mind.

Now, a quick search online will reveal the following synonyms for “GLORY” –

magnificence, splendour, resplendence, grandeur, majesty, greatness, impressiveness, gloriousness, nobility, pomp, stateliness, sumptuousness, opulence, beauty, elegance, brilliance, gorgeousness, splendidness

Every single word describes the rock music experience for me. This is why I continue to obsess over rock music even after 40 years! It’s the way the music makes me think and feel that drives me to listen to, analyse & savour rock music over and over again. From the iconoclastic work of the Beatles to the pure emotional resonance of Brian Wilson/The Beach Boys to the restless artistry of David Bowie to freewheeling power of The Who to the poetic lyricism of Dylan and so on…

Nothing comes close.

Also, there has always been something about these rock artists that have connected with me personally – whether it is the lyrics or the music or the image or the stories – there is life-affirming transformative power in these classic rock songs. These are not songs that simply serve a function – like the cynical playlists would have us believe. You know, songs for running to, exercising to or studying to. NO FUCKING WAY! This music is life itself!! Not merely background musak you listen to, while you are doing something else more important!!!

I teach poly students about music theory and music composition & although they are music students, their musical tastes are superficial and not any different from their peers. It’s not their fault, they are a product of a pop culture that has marginalised rock music in favour of unsophisticated and one-dimensional pop music, inane ‘music’ (indie pop, EDM, hip-hop R&B) that fails to challenge the mind and never feeds the heart and soul.

So… that’s where we are. But like all the other meaningless nonsense that the modern world throws at us, we do not have to accept the current state of affairs. Well, I certainly don’t. Every chance I get – through this website, Spotify playlists and on social media – I celebrate the GLORY of rock music and if like me, you believe in the GLORY of rock music, then you need to do the same thing.

The revolution is in your hands.

… still there’s more …