2016 is almost done with. And what have we learnt from modern pop culture? That rock ’n’ roll is dead? That nostalgia & fan service in movies trumps originality? That real life is slowly but surely upstaging science fiction for sheer bizarreness?

In terms of new music, there is a lot of it and most of it is freely available online or on some streaming service. Thus, reviews are pointless and taste making is now the key function of music magazines like Power of Pop. For 2017, we will fine tune the “curative” aspects of this site so that it becomes more efficient with the times. “Less is more” is the operative phrase. We will be more critical and circumspect about the new music that we feature. But discovery also involves the past and so Rock History will be a top priority moving forward.

Geek Out! is an integral part of what Power of Pop is about, and we expect 2017 and 2018 to continue the domination of geek movies over the box office. Quality-wise, we are hoping to highlight scifi indie films that push the boundaries on smaller budgets. TV series are, of course, the mainstay of high quality writing and we hope that the runaway success of Westworld will encourage more intelligent scifi TV in the years to come.

Books. Still thriving despite modern technology’s attempts to snuff out its existence. Well, at least in physical form. We have not been able to truly embrace e-books in any format and we do not expect things to change anytime soon. Time as always is a factor. Compared to music and movies/TV, reading a book is a time-consuming activity and in today’s world, almost a luxury one can barely afford.

In the next few days, we will be looking back a bit and moving forward a lot.

… still there’s more …