Big Star!
Big Star!

Music Journalists (and hardcore music fans) like to get themselves in a tizzy about defining genres. But never the artists themselves – in fact, artists hate to be pigeon-holed in such a manner.

It can all get a bit silly when journos try their best to describe what they are listening but seriously, it’s 2016, folks can click on a link and instantly hear what an artist sounds like so…

The critical issue, we believe is not to further stratify the music landscape but instead to unite fans of rock ‘n’ roll/pop-rock music to a common cause – to save our music from mainstream pop.

Y’know, the pre-fabricated manufactured fluff that dominate the habits of the casual music listener. That empty sound with phoney aspirational lyrics that pre-pubescents get hooked on is fine for a time but when adults are involved too, well…

We need music for the heart and soul, and with an edge. So while pop provides the melody and harmony, rock will bring the groove and crunch – whether with guitars/ bass/drums, electronics or even orchestras!

PoP ROCKS! is the banner under which we will continue to educate the enthusiastic as to where to find the finest pop-rock/rock ‘n’ roll music, past or present.

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