Chances are if you are a fan of music made in Singapore, you would probably gravitate towards either one of two opposites poles – mainstream pop (that includes jazz-soul, indie-folk, pop-punk, hip-hop & indie-pop) or heavy rock (which includes various hardcore punk & metal sub-genres) – therefore, the unlikeliest middle ground remains the pop-rock/rock ’n’ roll arena.

But who are the artists toiling in this ‘neutral zone’ of melodic tunes and rock groove? Let’s find out!

Since emerging as a Baybeats budding band in 2012, Cashew Chemists have gone from strength to strength and have forged a powerful retro pop-rock sound that embraces psychedelic tinges, judging from new material debuted live. With two essential EPs under their belts, the quintet is probably the best shining hope of S-ROCK for the immediate future.

Cheating Sons have established themselves as an enigmatic rock ‘n’ roll force in the Singapore indie music scene, with two well-received albums and numerous live performances, both home and abroad. Word is that the band is currently working on its much anticipated third album. 

Though superficially classified as an indie-pop outfit, there is enough rock nous in the music agenda of Lost Weekend to justify their inclusion in this list. Rachel Tan’s distinctive vocals is the proverbial icing on the cake. 

Obedient Wives Club take their obsessions with 60s girl groups and 70s pop-rock seriously, parlayed into two marvellously reverb-drenched EPs that has earned them accolades and adulation. New EP Cinematica is due anytime now. 

Last but not least, one of the last bands standing from the 90s S-ROCK revival though formed in the early 2000s, TypeWriter continue to fly the flag for melodic rock in their own inimitable fashion. A beloved debut album (2010) will soon be followed by a new EP. 

Merely the tip of the iceberg? You tell us. We certainly hope so.

… still there’s more … 

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