By now, you should be aware that we think that this young L.A. band is the face of the New Rock N Roll at the moment.

Starcrawler is Henri Cash (guitar), Austin Smith (drums), Tim Franco (bass) and the enigmatic Arrow de Wilde (vocals) and together they have been reinvigorating rock ‘n’ roll by hearkening back to 70s ‘proto-punk’ bands like The Stooges, MC5, New York Dolls and of course, The Runaways.

Arrow has already built for herself a reputation for crazed live performances channeling an Ozzy-Iggy vibe that is a refreshing move in 2018. This has resulted in a tremendous buzz for Starcrawler and based on this debut album is well deserved.

The songs on this eponymous debut are straightforward and to the point. Lean arrangements with melodies that get the job done without taking any prisoners.

And it’s an album that can easily be listened to front to back as songs like “I Love LA”, “Chicken Woman”, “Let Her Be” and “Full of Pride” keep the momentum going throughout.

With lyrics like “Head, I want it every day / Oh head, it never fails to pay” (“Pussy Tower”), there’s no doubt that Starcrawler will be getting attention.

Three chords and a ‘bad’ attitude – what else could you ask for?


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