There is a pleasing new wave of music artists taking the bold step of making ‘real’ music again. The old-fashioned way, so to speak. Like Texas-based singer-songwriter Molly Burch.

It is indeed refreshing to hear music devoid of all the electronic gimmickry that scars modern pop’s attempts to truly resonate as a musical form.

Burch – and partner¬†Dailey Toliver – have a delightful stripped down approach, keeping the arrangements minimalist in order to highlight Burch’s heartfelt tunes and vocals.

Sophomore effort First Flower, continues where the excellent debut, Please Be Mine, left off. In songs like the title track, “Candy”, “To the Boys” and the like, Burch and Toliver deliver pleasing material that touches the heart and soul of the listener effortlessly.

Fans of classic country-inflected rock ‘n’ roll like Roy Orbison, Brenda Lee, Connie Francis, Linda Ronstadt et al, will warm easily to the charms of First Flower.

Lyrically, Burch once again employs a confessional style, exploring broken friendships, her relationship to her sister, and more importantly, how Burch learned to fight overwhelming anxiety.

First Flower is a gorgeous demonstration of how relevant so-called retro music can be in 2018. After all, why should music making only be about being hip and cool?

To me, it’s all about how the best music makes me feel and in that respect, Molly Burch and First Flower succeeds wildly.

First Flower will be released by Captured Tracks on October 5th.


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