Last time we reviewed a Grandaddy album – Just Like the Fambly Cat – it was 2006 and CDs stores were still a thing. In the intervening 11 years, much has changed in the rock landscape (well, rock is dead, they say) but at least Grandaddy is back to remind us that as far as primo pop-rock music is concerned, nothing has to change!

Motorik rhythms, fuzzy guitars, buzzed up synth lines and Jason Lytle’s nasal Neil Young-channeling vocals still very much in evidence on Last Place but more importantly, that uncanny ability of theirs to put together pleasurable, energetic music that is melancholy at the same time.

Thus far, the band has blessed us with teasers – “Evermore”, “A Lost Machine” and the opening “Way We Won’t” – all sounding like Grandaddy has been frozen in time, but in a good way (like, say Captain America!). Irresistible tunes and quirky sensibilities simply sells the relevance of Grandaddy in 2017 and considering the dire state of affairs, rock and pop music is in, a very very welcomed return.

True blue pop listeners will be able to pick several classic pop references here and there whilst enjoying the very idea of a new Grandaddy album. Perhaps things are not quite as bleak as we think they are. Hope springs eternal!


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