“Back to basics” seems to be the recurring theme running through Robyn Hitchcock’s 22nd studio album – his first in about 3 years.

This eponymous album appears to find Hitchcock in a ready and willing mood to revisit the psychedelic folk-rock blues that helped him to skirt the mainstream in the early 90s with The Egyptians and albums like Perspex Island and Respect.

Produced by Brendan Benson (The Racounters), this return to classic pop-rock craftsmanship is to be welcomed by not only diehard fans but also any followers of well-constructed pop-rock music.

Every track is a winner – from the raucous “Mad Shelley’s Letterbox” to the jangly “Detective Mindhorn” to the quirky bluesy “Virginia Woolf” to the country-inflected “1970 in Aspic”, where Hitchcock channels his trademark Barrett meets Beefheart by way of Dylan and Lennon agenda brilliantly.

One of our favourite albums of 2017. Highly recommended!!

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