Faithful visitors to Power of Pop will know how much I am a fan of the music of young singer/songwriter/guitarist Huxley Rittman.

Full disclosure : I’ve known Hux since he was in his late teens when I encountered his brand The Cave in Singapore AND I am good friends with his wonderful parents, Fran and Frank.

But hey, anyone who has ever visited this site will know that I shoot from the hip when it comes to music I like. And I definitely like Hux’s music, no doubt!

Why? Mainly because his music encapsulates the wonders of Power Pop Rock N Roll and that’s a boon for someone so young to be able to perfectly capture the truth behind Power Pop, Pop-Rock and Rock N Roll!

Together with his solid band – The Hitmen viz. Avery Lazes, Ella Pearson, and Grant Dickerson – Hux indulges in classic/timeless pop-rock making that is so out of step with what passes for “modern rock”, that it is thus at once edgy and unique.

Like the best of the artists that Hux evokes viz. Fountains of Wayne, Weezer and Ben Folds Five – there is a strong melancholy thread that runs though the spine of these well-crafted songs.

This mood is clearly felt in “Can’t Talk to Anyone”, “Goodnight” and “Sherry” as Hux channels his musical heroes to communicate that mixed feeling of bitter sweetness.

The rest of this awesome EP ups the tempo slightly with “Go Figure”, “Stay With Me” and “Spooks” mix in elements of psychedelic rock blues to enhance the foundations of Hux’s melodic pop agenda.

The highest recommendations! Go get some Soggy Oxygen now!

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