My favourite music revels in eclecticism – taking basic building blocks and constructing wildly imaginative creations that impress and surprise even the most jaded of music experts.

Bird Streets is the musical endeavor of New York songwriter John Brodeur. In need of a creative rebirth after years on the music-industry margins, Brodeur reached out to his friend, the producer and multi-instrumentalist Jason Falkner, to suggest they record together.

The result is this gorgeous album – a celebration of Power Pop Rock N Roll in all its incandescent forms and continuing proof that the contemporary Pop Underground scene is something to take seriously.

For me, it’s always about the first three songs and here, Brodeur and Falkner hit an immediate home run with “Carry Me”, “Betting on the Sun” and “Direction” which will capture the hearts of every lover of melodic pop-rock sophistication, bar none.

If I close my eyes and allow myself to drift away with the music, it does seem that the years have slipped away and it’s the nineties once more – the last time, my favourite kind of music had any mainstream impact at all.

For that moment of sheer extacy, I want to personally thank Messrs Brodeur and Falkner for this wondrous collection and hope against hope that enough support is out there for our beloved music to thrive and to grow.

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