Now based in London, SG electronic artist Yeule has just released her new EP, Coma, via Zoom Lens.

Yeule works hard at soothing and confounding her listeners with sounds that are both hypnotic and pleasing.

The melancholy vibe is consistent throughout, with Yeule opting to lay thick layered pads rather than melodic hooks.

The songs are mostly soundscapes – which includes vocal samplings – and for the most part is sans lyrics.

The emotional yearning is evident on tracks like the breathy “I Saw You In My Dreams Last Night” and the Sakamoto – channeling “Separation Anxiety”.

“How Could I Forget You” – the closing number – is probably most traditional of the lot. Still, Yeule’s ghostly vocals, promotes a form of out of body experience.

A beautifully haunting collection that deserves as much as attention as possible.


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